Manzanita Bird Perches

Manzanita is one of the toughest woods nature produces. The natural ridges and twists of Manzanita branches create a stimulating surface for your bird's feet, superior to manufactured perches. Since it is so hard, Manzanita lasts a long time. 

We offer a large selection of different Manzanita bird perch sizes and styles.  You can choose from:

Natural red Manzanita bark, or Sandblasted with the bark removed.

With or without preinstalled Stainless Steel hardware.

Single branch, or Forked multi-branch.

Small, Medium, or Large diameters.

A large variety of lengths, from 8 inches (20 cm) up to 5 feet (1.5 m).

Natural Red Manzanita Perches

Large and Small Natural Red Forked PerchesNatural Red Manzanita perches have a dark-red bark. This natural rich looking colouration of the Manzanita tree bark provides a distinctive perch. The bark also provides a smooth hard surface that is easy to keep clean.  

Natural Red Manzanita perches are available as single branch or forked multi-branch perches. They are available with or without stainless steel hardware, and in the full variety of diameters and lengths.

Sandblasted Manzanita Perches

Sandblasted Single Branch Perches in Various DiametersSandblasted Manzanita perches are blondish in colour, often interwoven with dark reddish brown lines, offering an attractive contrast between light and dark. The coarser surface of Sandblasted Manzanita is easier for birds to grip, making it more suitable for birds that are having trouble gripping.

Sandblasted Manzanita Perches are available in single branch or forked, with or without stainless steel hardware, and in the full variety of diameters and lengths.

Stainless Steel Hardware

Stainless Steel Washers and Wing NutWe offer the option of Stainless Steel Hardware, making it easy to add a perch to most cages. The Stainless Steel Hardware comes preinstalled on one end of the perch, with one 0.25" x 2" Hanger Bolt in plated steel, two Stainless Steel Fender Washers, and one Stainless Steel Wing Nut. 

We can also do custom orders for specific cage dimensions, with Hardware on both ends of a single branch perch.

Large Variety of Diameters and Lengths

Both our forked multi-branch and our single branch perches are available in a large variety of different diameters and lengths. With lengths starting at 8 inches (20 cm), and diameters ranging from 0.5" to over 2.5" we have perches suitable for all sizes of birds and cages. 

Forked Red Perches: 24" Large, 18" Medium, & 24" Small  Forked Sandblasted Perches: Medium diameter 12", 18", & 24"   Natural Red Perches: Medium diameter 8", 12", 18", & 24"

Suggested perch diameters for different birds are as follows:

Small diameter (less than 1.0 inch): Canaries, Finches, Cockatiels, Conures

Medium diameter (1.0-1.5"): African Grey, Amazons, Ecclectus, smaller Macaws and smaller Cockatoos

Large diameter (1.5-2.25"): Cockatoos, Macaws

Extra Large diameter (Over 2.5"): Very Large Macaws 


All of our Manzanita wood is harvested from private land in Southern California, in full compliance with State and Federal laws and regulations.